After Market Truck Accessories

At Texas Truck & Trailer, we’re not just about accessories; we’re about quality and expertise. As a patriot-owned business deeply rooted in the Lone Star State, we proudly carry and install only the top, tried-and-true brands in the industry. Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring that your truck or vehicle is outfitted with the perfect parts tailored to your adventure. Whether you’re navigating the rugged backroads of Texas or embarking on a cross-country journey, we have the knowledge and the products to equip your vehicle for the road ahead. Trust in Texas Truck & Trailer, where expertise meets genuine Texas pride, to prepare you for every adventure.

Nerf Bars & Step Bars

Sourced from the industry’s leading brands, each step bar not only enhances accessibility and offers protection against road debris but also elevates your truck’s aesthetic appeal. Beyond providing top-tier products, we take pride in our expert installation services. Our team ensures that every step bar is installed with precision, adhering to the highest standards that match the quality of the brands we carry.

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Fast Install

Our seasoned technicians ensure a swift and efficient installation process, getting you back on the road in no time.

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Complete Selection for Your Style and Function

Whether you’re decking out a “mall crawler” for that sleek urban look or fortifying an off-road beast to tackle rugged terrains and protect against body damage, we have the perfect step bar tailored to your needs. Choose us for step bars that truly elevate your trucking experience.


Our range includes options from the most trusted brands in the industry, ensuring that every bumper we sell meets our high standards for quality and performance. Alongside our top-notch products, we provide professional installation services, guaranteeing that your new bumper is fitted with precision and care to your truck.

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Enhanced Protection

Our front and rear bumpers are designed to provide superior protection, safeguarding your vehicle against impacts and off-road hazards.

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Customized Style

Choose from a variety of styles to match your truck’s look and personality, whether you’re aiming for a bold, aggressive appearance or a sleek, modern aesthetic.


Our selection features only the best from renowned manufacturers, ensuring reliability, durability, and compatibility with your vehicle. Our expert installation service ensures that your lift or leveling kit is installed with precision, aligning with our commitment to excellence.

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Enhanced Vehicle Stance and Clearance

Our lift and leveling kits not only give your truck an imposing stance but also increase ground clearance, essential for off-road adventures or navigating challenging terrains.

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Precision Installation for Optimal Performance

With our professional installation, you can be confident that your truck’s lift or leveling kit is perfectly aligned and functioning, maximizing both the vehicle’s performance and your driving experience.


Our collection features products from the most reputable brands in the industry, ensuring that you get the best in terms of quality and reliability. Alongside our superior product range, we provide expert installation services, ensuring your new wheels and tires are fitted with the utmost precision and care.

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Rugged Durability and Performance

Our off-road wheels and tires are built to withstand the toughest conditions, providing excellent traction and stability on any terrain, whether you’re on a rocky trail or a muddy path.

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Style That Matches Your Adventure Spirit

With a variety of designs and sizes, our wheels and tires not only enhance your truck’s off-road capabilities but also add a personalized touch to its appearance, reflecting your unique adventure spirit.

Truck bed drawer systems

Maximize your truck’s storage with our versatile Truck Bed Drawer Systems. Customizable to your specific needs, these systems provide organized, easy-to-access storage solutions. Our expert installation guarantees a perfect fit and lasting durability.

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Reliability Assurance

Depend on our meticulous installation for a seamless, durable storage solution.


Protect your cab and enhance your truck’s functionality with our Headache Racks. Perfect for securing cargo and providing additional mounting options, these racks are installed with precision for a perfect fit and maximum utility.

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Customer Service Excellence

Experience our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction with every installation.


From towing trailers to hauling equipment, our Hitches are designed for strength and versatility. Our range caters to all towing needs, with precise installation ensuring safety and reliability on the road.

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Industry Knowledge

Benefit from our extensive knowledge and customer-focused approach for all your towing needs.


Keep your truck’s interior pristine with our custom-fit Floor Liners. Designed for durability and ease of cleaning, they protect your vehicle’s flooring from wear and tear. Our tailored installation ensures a perfect fit for every truck model.

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Quality Assurance

Trust our commitment to quality and durability in every product and service.

Exhaust Systems

Boost your truck’s performance with our high-quality Exhaust Systems. Designed for efficiency and power, our systems are installed professionally to enhance your vehicle’s horsepower and torque.

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Customer Satisfaction Commitment

Our installation team is dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction with every enhancement.

Roof Racks

Expand your truck’s cargo capacity with our durable Roof Racks. Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and travelers, our roof racks are securely installed for safe and convenient transport of extra gear.

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Trust in Our Solutions

Count on us for secure, robust roof rack installations for all your adventure needs.


Our comprehensive range of Towing accessories ensures you’re equipped for any task. With thorough installation by our experts, you can tow with confidence, knowing every hitch and accessory is fitted for maximum safety and reliability.

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Reliability Highlight

Our expertise guarantees safe and dependable towing solutions for every need.


Embark on your overlanding adventures with our essential gear and expert installation services. We provide durable and versatile products that enhance your off-road experience, ensuring you’re prepared for any journey.

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Understanding Overlanding Needs

Our experience in overlanding equips us to meet your adventurous spirit with the right solutions.


Upgrade your truck’s functionality and safety with our range of Lighting and Electronics. From LED lights to advanced electronic systems, our precise installations enhance visibility and vehicle control.

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Technological Expertise

Our skilled technicians ensure your lighting and electronics are installed for optimal performance.

Lift Gates

Ease your loading and unloading process with our professionally installed Lift Gates. Ideal for heavy lifting, our lift gates are reliable, durable, and tailored to fit your truck’s specific needs.

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Efficiency and Service

Count on our swift and skilled installation for a hassle-free lift gate experience.


For heavy-duty tasks, our Winches are indispensable. We install top-quality winches to ensure you have the power and reliability needed for any challenging situation.

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Industry Experience

Trust our experienced team for a robust and secure winch installation, ready for any task.

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